Maxine Kanamu

Name: Maxine Kanamu

Age: 35 years young

Occupation: CNA/ Student

Residence: Kapolei, Hawaii

Height: 5,6

Off season weight:140

Competition weight: 125

Hobbies: weight training, spending time with family and friends

Competition History

  • 2004 Hawaiian Islands, 3rd place
  • 2005 Hawaiian Islands
  • 2005 USA Championships in Las Vegas
  • 2005 Miss Kay Bay Physique Contest
  • 2005 Military Nutrition Bodybuilding and Figure Championships, Overall Figure winner
  • 2005  4th place trophy, re-qualified for the USA’s, at the Excalibur

Future Competition Goals

To be Hawaii’s first Pro-Figure Competitor and successful Fitness-Figure Model.

This has always been a passion of mine. I am amazed how I can control the way my body develops. I have total control over the choices I make.

My inspiration comes from Ke Akua – “The Lord” (Chronicles 28:20), and my children. They are my heart and the reasons behind the choices I make. I want to be the best that I can for them! A positive role model. And through my training, I believe that I lead them to follow their dreams, chase after it, work hard for it, and with faith and perseverance, you can do anything!!!

Additional Information


Train hard, Train smart, & Keep pushing towards your personal goals! Aloha!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to find out a little more about me.



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