Heather Jones

Name: Heather Jones

Birth Date: May 17th

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Fitness Consultant – Powerhouse Gym/Fitness Model

Residence: Aiea, HI

Height: 5 ’6

Off season weight: 140 lbs.

Competition weight: 128 lbs.

Hobbies: Working out and spending time with my son

Favorite Body part: Glutes

Favorite Exercise: Lateral Raises

Competition History

2005 NPC paradise cup – 1st place tall class
2005 NPC Excaliber – 5th place C class
2006 NPC USA’s in Las Vegas
2007 Hawaiian Islands – 2nd place medium class

Future Competition Goals

2008 IFBB Amateur Arnold Classic
Earn Pro Card

Workout Plan/Split Routine

Day 1 – Back
Day 2 – Chest
Day 3 Shoulders
Day 4 Arms
Day 5 – Hamstrings
Day 6 – Quads
Abs 3 -4 days a week & 45 minutes cardio a day.

Supplement Nutrition Plan
Vitamins, Branch Chains w/Glutamine, Omega 3,6,9, Vitamin C, Thermogenics

Message to our visitors/viewers
You can achieve any goal that you put your mind to.

Heather Jones Photo Gallery

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