Tricia Lumalcuri

Name: Tricia Lumalcuri

Birth Date: December 9

Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom

Residence: Kaneohe, Hawaii

Height: 5″3″

Off Season Weight: 115

Competition Weight: 108

Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my husband, Vin and our two boys (Nicholas 9 and AJ 5). I also enjoy my workouts, reading, spending time with friends and family and cooking.


Competition History

1995 OCB Presidential Cup- Figure 2nd place Short Class

2005 ABA/INBA Hawaiian Islands Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships- Women’s Bodybuilding 2nd Place

2005 Paradise Cup- 1st Place Women’s Light weight Bodybuilding division


Future Competition Goals

To Keep competing and to eventually get my pro card



This is a great sport! Let’s get the word out about natural bodybuilding, fitness and figure! Train hard, play hard and STAY NATURAL!!!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to find out a little more about me.




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