Russ Yeager

Name:  Russ Yeager

Age: 29

Occupation: Accountant/Fitness Professional/Owner/Operator of Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Website

Residence: Atlanta, GA

Height: 6’6

Off season weight:  260 lbs

Competition weight:  225 lbs

Hobbies:  Well, after training, eating all my meals, working full-time as an accountant and running my own business there is not a lot of time left over!  However, I love music and movies and relaxing with my beautiful wife Tennelle.  I use to play a lot of basketball, but concentrate on bodybuilding now.

Competition History

2003 Pacific USA Naturals

2002 AST World Championships-Class Champion Male 18-30 Yrs.

Future Competition Goals

To add quality muscle mass to 6’6 frame and compete in 2005 in a natural competition.  Continue to improve and see how far I can go!

Additional Information

Russ operates a natural bodybuilding and fitness website at  Go to the site to see Russ’s online training journal as well as information on how to obtain a copy of his “Complete Physique” Training DVD or Video!


 “Passion and persistence makes a vision a reality!”  I truly believe that this is true for bodybuilding and for ALL areas of life!  Have a vision of where you want to go, and then get to work and never stop until you reach your goal!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and learn more about me. 

Train Hard!


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