Brian Young

Name: Brian   Young

 Age : 22

Occupation : Marine

Residence : Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii

 Height :5’10

Off season weight : 205-210

Competition weight : 175-180

Hobbies : Bodybuilding, Camping, Hiking, Video games, Hockey

Competition History

2003 Aloha Natural Muscle & Fitness Classic (1st place Novice 2nd place Men’s open Tall)

2003 Armed Forces Hawaii Bodybuilding Championships (1st place Middleweight class)

Future Competition Goals

The America’s Cup, Oct 23 2004 in Michigan

Natural Olympia, Nov 13 2004 in Las Vegas

The America’s Cup and the Natural Olympia are going to be my last shows for at least 3 or 4 years. I plan on putting some serious Mass and then I am going to come back on stage weighing at least 200 pounds ripped.

For more information on upcoming Natural competitions visit

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to find out a little more about me.



2003 Photos

13 weeks out from the America’s Cup held in Michigan on Oct 23, 2004.

I have 13 weeks till the show I am pretty happy with my condition at this Point. I weight in today at 203.5 pounds with a bodyfat% of 7.5. I have my buddie Terry Snider take my bodyfat, every week at the Semper Fit Center on Kaneohe Marine Corp Base Hawaii. My diet right now is 2 days low Carbs. I mean around 65 to 75 Grams of Carbs a day with high protein around 400 grams a day with about 50 grams of fat a day. On the High carb days I eat the same amount of protein and fat but I eat about 325 to 350 grams of carbs. When I say Carbs I am talking good carbs no sugar. That means on fruit, juice or anything that has sugar in it. My carbs come from Oatmeal and on high carbs day shredded wheat and Skim milk. I know there sugar in the milk but I am only eating it on high carb days, also I am planning on 6 weeks out from the show not drinking anymore milk after that. I am also training cycle is 5 on 1 day off

Day 1 Delts and Calves

Day 2 Back and Abs

Day 3 Chest and Calves

Day 4 Legs and Abs

Day 5 Arms and Calves

I alternate Abs and Calves so I hit them every other day. I am doing 30 mins. of cardio in the mourning on a empty stomach 6 days a week I don’t do any cardio on days I am training Legs. Next week I will start a training Diary of what I eat and how I train every day. Also I will post pictures every week so I can track my progress.

Well gotta go take care everyone from Brian Young

12 Weeks Out form the Americas Cup

What’s up everyone this week was pretty hectic for me. I had a lot going on like packing up all my gear and being discharged out of the Marines. August 1st was my last day as a Marine. but anyway I still trained and dieted anyway because that what you have to do to get ready. The week went by pretty quick for me. Monday July 26 was a rest day for me so all I did was 30 mins of cardio in the mourning. Tuesday the 27 was Delts and Abs. my routine was:

Delts                                          Sets    Reps    Weight

Standing Military Press             4        6       175lbs
Arnold Press                               3        7       75lbs
One arm Lateral Raises            3        7       30lbs I hold each rep for a count of five
Bent over Laterals                     3        12      50lbs
Shrugs Dumbbell                        4        12      140lbs

Roman chair                              3        20      25lbs
Cable crunch                             3        20      160lbs
Crunch on Ball                          3        20      25lbs

July 27
Back                                        Sets        Reps    Weight
Chins                                         3           12       None
Deadlifts                                   4           6-7      465

stiff arm pulldowns                   3            10      70
reverse grip pulldown               3             8       250
Dumbbell Rows                        3            10      110
wide pulldowns                         3            10      190

standing calve Raises            4            12      400
Seated calf Raise                   4            12       4 Plates

July 28
Chest                                    Sets         Reps     Weight
Incline Dumbbell Press          3             8           115
Flat Dumbbell Press               3             8           115
Incline Flys                             3            10         75
Flys                                         3            10          75
Cable crossovers                   3            12          70

Abs            Same as Monday
July 29
Legs                         Sets          Rep      Weight
Sqauts                         4            10-12    365 All the way down
Hacks Squats             4            10-12     4 plates
Leg Press                   4             15          9 Plates
Leg extensions           4             20          cant remember
Leg curls                     6             8-10      180

Calves    same as Tuesday
July 30
Arms                        Sets          Rep       Weight
Barbell curls                3             8          125
Alternation Curls         3             8           60
Preacher curls              3            10          95
two arm extensions      3            12         120
Dips                              3            10          90
Pressdowns                  3            10          120
Bench Dips                  3            15          3 plates on lap
abs Same

Well that was it for this week I felt pretty strong and that I am getting a little tighter I am taking it slow because I don’t want to lose muscle and also I am pretty lean already this week I weight in at 199.4 with 7% bf well next week is also going to be busy for me and I will be Pennsylvania in a new gym well talk to you next week take care From Brian

2 Weeks Out from the Americas Cup

Americas Cup


New York State Natural: 1st Place Men’s Junior Winner & 1st Place Men’s Open Light Heavyweight Winner

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