I come from a family with a history of diabetes. My mother died at the age of 50 due to complications from diabetes. My father, though he did not have diabetes when he was young, he did develop it as he got older. Two of my three sisters also have diabetes, both of which were diagnosed at fairly young ages. I have also recently learned that my grandmother on my fathers side, also had diabetes.

Based on my family history, and seeing first hand what diabetes did to my mother, I have always been aware of the possibility that i could one day develop diabetes as well. For that reason i have always tried to stick to a consistent workout schedule, even if only 1 day a week. However, my eating habits have not always been as proactive as my workout regimen.


In 2013 I went to the doctor for a checkup, after postponing it for years. I’ve never been a big fan of going to the doctor, as I see them as more or less legalized drug dealers, but a physical was way overdue. It had probably been 10 years, since my last check up, so i thought I should just do it, given my family history.

When the lab results came in, it was then that I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, along with elevated cholesterol, primarily due to diabetes.

My doctor then put me on oral medications to help control both the blood sugar, and cholesterol. However, he was more concerned about my weight, which was elevated. He said, “if you reduce your weight, your blood sugars will get better, which will also help to get the cholesterol under control.”

As a natural bodybuilder I was determined to drop body fat and get my health back in order. So I told him, “give me 3 months, and I’ll drop weight, and get my glucose and cholesterol numbers back into the normal range.” He was very supportive of my determination, and of my low carb strategy, to get it done.

The doctor was also a Christian, and knew that I was as well. One of the strategies that he also recommend for dropping weight, and improving health was fasting.

I cut the carbs, and started fasting once a week. After about 3 months I had dropped about 25 lbs. and had gotten my glucose and cholesterol back in to the normal range. In addition, I had also stopped taking the medications.

As a bodybuilder, one of the worst habits I had gotten myself into over the years, was the yo-yo dieting. I would spend 3-4 months on very strict low carb diets to get into contest shape, then eat whatever I wanted once the contest was over. As a result, after each contest my weight would slowly climb back to where it was prior to the contest preparation, in addition to an extra 5-10 lbs.

Though I was pretty successful at reducing my body-fat, and getting my glucose & cholesterol levels under control in 2013, I later went back to eating whatever I wanted, primarily adding back excessive carbs. As a result, the weight slowly climbed up again.

On December 15, 2016 I was finally diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, after having a fasting glucose level of 300. As much as I was devastated I was not quite shocked, given my family history and eating habits.

Since that day I have found new motivation, and a renewed commitment to the low carb diet. However, the renewed commitment to low carbs, is to now make it a lifestyle.

This page is dedicated to that lifestyle, and the ongoing research on the low carb lifestyle, and not just it’s fat burning benefits, but it’s health and wellness benefits, and ability to control and reverse diabetes.

Much Aloha!

2 thoughts on “Diabetes

  1. Solid bro, us local people are destined by genetics, terrible eating habits, and taste buds for preservative type of foods that will lead us to health issues. Appreciate your lead by example by trial and error, sharing your wisdom that millions of people will benefit from. Much Mahalo, Braddah Aus

    • I much appreciate the support Bro. Yes, you’re absolutely right. All of that can definitely lead us on a path to disease, but we can absolutely change it.

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