Sekona Taufa


Sekona Taufa, was probably the first Natural Bodybuilder to be featured on Natural Muscle Hawaii, aside from myself. In fact, I believe it was Sekona, who helped to inspire the idea of providing a website to help promote other Natural Bodybuilders and Fitness Competitors from Hawaii. It was not long after we competed together in June of 2004, that he and his wife came over to my apartment with his CD’s loaded with photos, and we put his webpage together. Back then, slapping together a website was not as simple as it is today. There was no facebook, twitter, or other social media sites. So if you wanted a webpage, you either had to figure out how to make one, or find someone who had figured it out. Sekona, did just that. When I told him I could make him a webpage, he jumped at the opportunity. So that is truly how the concept of Natural Muscle Hawaii, and promoting other competitors was born. Mahalo Sekona, for your influence with Natural Muscle Hawaii. Check out his Profile and Photos.

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