Roland Ho Jr.


For those who may not know. I (Roland Ho Jr.) founded Natural Muscle Hawaii back in 2003. So it should be no surprise that I was the first featured athlete. Back then, it was not as easy as it is today to establish a web presence. At least for most people. It wasn’t long, before other competitors started asking me if I could help them make a webpage/website.  So what started out to promote myself, turned into a website to help promote other Natural Competitors as well. So if you find a lot of photo galleries on my profile, don’t be surprised.

4 thoughts on “Roland Ho Jr.

  1. Howzit Ronald, I’m back in the gym after 4 yrs out and my first 30 days has been a big success. I want to get more detailed in my diet , I’m 210 lbs and 19 % body fat. Any suggestions? – dave

    • Aloha Dave, My suggestion would be Carb control. I’ve used the low carb method for all my prior contests, as well as well as just to drop body fat to keep the weight in check. I’ve also experimented with Intermittent Fasting a few year back, and have started implementing that into my regimen more recently. I’ve had great results in the past with it, and am already seeing the results again. Hope that help. – Roland
      If you’re interested in doing more 1 on 1 consultations let me know.

      • Thanks Roland I’ll try the fasting, I’ve cut out most of my carbs and if I do I’ll have alittle rice in the morning , now I’m drinking 100 percent coconut water to replace my carbs between meals. How would intermittent fasting be like?

  2. Intermittent fasting is nothing more then the time spent not eating. We all practice this on a daily basis, when we go to bed. We don’t eat (fast) until breakfast the next day.

    When you eat your first meal, will essentially determine how long your fast is, until you break the fast at breakfast. More recent studies/research has shown that you should have at least 12-14 hours of not eating (fasting) before your 1st meal to maximize health and fat loss benefits.

    You may even try full fast days, for 24 hour periods or more to speed things up.

    Hope that helps.

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