Russ Yeager


Russ Yeager’s profile and photos was originally posted on Natural Muscle Hawaii in August of 2004. So like many of the other athletes profiles, the profiles are outdated. However, at that time Russ had already won the 18-30 Year Old Class of the 2002 AST World Championships. He was also the owner and operator of, which still appears to be active, and up and running. Check out his profile.


Roland Ho Jr.


For those who may not know. I (Roland Ho Jr.) founded Natural Muscle Hawaii back in 2003. So it should be no surprise that I was the first featured athlete. Back then, it was not as easy as it is today to establish a web presence. At least for most people. It wasn’t long, before other competitors started asking me if I could help them make a webpage/website.  So what started out to promote myself, turned into a website to help promote other Natural Competitors as well. So if you find a lot of photo galleries on my profile, don’t be surprised.