Chris Faildo

hi_nativefaildoChris Faildo photo gallery added back to Natural Muscle Hawaii. This is one of my favorite Bodybuilders. Very humble local guy, who knows his stuff, and is extremely disciplined. He was always an inspiration and motivation to train & compete naturally. To find out more about Chris you can check out his website at . 


Bill Pearl’s Super Nutrition Seminar

Bill Pearl's Super Nutrition Seminar!
Read a great article on by Dennis Weis. It’s based on the Super Nutrition Strategies compiled form group seminars that the legendary Bill Pearl conducted in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Atlanta Georgia back in the 1980’s. Good stuff, especially if you are considering going Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian!

Please disregard the branding that is posted on many of the photos on the website. The domain is no longer owned by Natural Muscle Hawaii. However, many of the images from the original website were branded with the original website address. So you will see many of the photos with that address. Again, Natural Muscle Hawaii no longer owns that domain. Thank you for your understanding.

Working on getting the site back up!


We are working on getting the site back up and running. We shut it down quite last year, after not updating in awhile. Times have changed. Since the evolution of social media networks and blogs, there was not much need for a static informational website. So we are in the process of revising to a blog format, to help make it a little more interactive. Please bare with us as we work through this transition.